SASA Clubhouse, 61 Riel Drive 

The Riel Clubhouse and fields were opened in 1992.

The Clubhouse lower level contains team dressing rooms, showers, public washrooms, and storage. The upper level contains the office, boardroom/lounge area, kitchen, and washrooms.

The clubhouse and lounge area are available, free of charge, for St. Albert coaches and teams. Please reserve your time through the SASA office. When not in use for soccer functions, the clubhouse lounge area (seats 60) may be rented for meetings, weddings, anniversaries, and other private adult events. The club provides a bartender, as part of the rental cost, for all functions.
Sorry - no rentals for children's parties. To inquire about a  rental please contact the SASA office

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Riel Fields, 61 Riel Drive

The fields are numbered consecutively, with Riel Field 1 closest to the clubhouse, and Riel Field 5 located farthest from the clubhouse.
Riel 6 & Riel 7 are training fields located alongside the walking path.

Please help maintain the fields at Riel by walking around the soccer pitches, after all, would you walk across a golf green if you weren't golfing?

Dogs are not permitted at the Riel Clubhouse and fields - you will be asked to remove your animal from the premises. There is a city-owned walking path for leashed dogs that runs parallel to our fields. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Player Development Centre (PDC), 19 Renault Crescent

The SASA Player Development Centre encompasses a turf training area, a full fitness area, staff offices, a meeting room, and a players’ social lounge.