You may become a referee for one of several reasons:

  • Enjoying part-time work with excellent pay rates which can be worked around your schedule
  • Participating in the game of soccer without playing
  • Great exercise
  • Learning valuable skills such as leadership, organization, time management and how to interact with others.

Referee Schedule
Referees are expected to create an account on Arbiter Sports. All SASA games will be scheduled on Arbiter.

How You Get Paid
Referees are paid at the end of each month according to their assignments in Arbiter.

What if you have a Problem
SASA will not tolerate abusive behavior towards referees at any time. Each team must have a Referee Liaison noted on their game sheet to assist you with minor altercations. If you have a serious problem with a coach, player or spectator, it is important that you make note of the situation as soon as you are able. Put your concerns down in writing, with as much detail as possible, and email it to Margaret Sturgess.  SASA, with the assistance of the DRA, will resolve the matter.

If you're interested in becoming a referee or maintaining your current referee status by taking the necessary courses, please visit the Alberta Soccer Association's website, for details.

Referee Assignor
Margaret Sturgess
Phone 780-458-8973 ext. 123
Email Margaret

Senior Referee Mentors:
Alan Johnston - DRA (District Referee Assistant)
Dwayne Bolkowy
Rob Wice
Rhiannon Williams

Outdoor Season

  • SASA assigns one referee and two assistant referees in the U13 to U19  league home games. One referee for U9 to U11 league games with two assistant referees for U11 Impact.
  • The Community league season runs from the end of April to end of June.
  • Impact U13 - U17 and senior leagues go until mid-Aug.
  • Rain Outs Field conditions will be updated Monday - Friday only.  Weekend games will be at the discretion of the Referee.
  • Riel Fields (61 Riel Dr) - 780 458-8973  ext. 1
    • ​Updated as necessary at 15:00
  • City of St. Albert Fields - 780 459-1568
    • ​Updated as necessary at 16:00
  • Larry Olexiuk Turf (RP Turf) - 780 459-1568
    • ​Always open

Open Fields

  • Referees and teams MUST attend all open fields, regardless of the weather.
  • Fields deemed unplayable or dangerous due to weather i.e. heavy rain or lightning (CSA Lightning Policy) by Referee
    • Game canceled by Referee with pay

Closed Fields

  • Referees and teams do not go to the field.
  • Game canceled without pay
  • Rescheduled games will be reassigned

Referee Payment

U9 (8 v 8) - Middle: $25 (Impact)
U11 (8 v 8) - Middle: $40 (Community)
U11 (8v8) - Middle: $35, AR $20 (Impact)
U13 (11 v 11) - Middle: $50,  AR - $30
U15 (11 v 11) - Middle $55,  AR - $30
U17 - U19 (11 v 11) - Middle $60,  AR - $30
If A/R's missing and middle referee is left alone, add $20

Middle $50 A/R $35
If AR's missing and Middle is left alone $67.50

Middle $55

Middle $65

Indoor Season

  • SASA assigns middle and box referees for SASA U11 Community Leagues and SASA Coed Adult League on Saturdays and Sundays mid-October until mid-February

Referee Payment

U11 - Middle Ref $25.00/Box Ref $25.00
Coed - Middle Ref $45.00/Box Ref $40.00





T8N 3Z3

(780) 458-8973