NCCP Coach Certification Courses follow Canada Soccer's Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model, which SASA strongly supports. At these courses you will learn valuable tools for working with athletes as well as age specific training content related to developing the best players possible.

Participants interested in taking the NCCP courses are required to register online for each individual course.  The classroom portion of the NCCP coaching courses will be taught online with the 'on-field' portion to take place at a later date.

Click here for a tutorial on how to register for the online workshops. After watching the tutorial you can click on the 'online' below each course title listed below.

St. Albert Soccer encourages our coaches who have completed the Community Stream Workshops to continue to develop their coaching by taking the C Licence course. 

Coaches must have Making Ethical Decisions, Respect in Sport (online module), and Making Headway (online module) completed prior to registering for the course.

Active Start

Designed for first time coaches and focuses on teaching basic skills and basic physical literacy. 

What do you learn?

  • Develop a basic understanding of Physical Literacy
  • Information to help coaches understand the development stage of the children they are working with
  • How to run a practice session that is fun, safe, and keeps children actively engaged.
  • How to communicate with players at this age



Designed for individuals who will be coaching the U7 age group.

What do you learn?

  • How to develop the ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed
  • How to run a practice session that is fun, safe and keeps children actively engaged.
  • How to explain the FUNdamentals of a game in a way that children can understand
  • How to communicate to this specific age group.

Learn to Train

Designed for coaches working with U9-U12 players while players navigate through the "Golden Age of Learning".

What do you learn? 

  • How to teach basic principles of play
  • How to establish training ethics and discipline in a fun and challenging environment
  • How to communicate to this specific age group
  • How to train speed, flexibility and skills and understand your role as a coach in developing these skills


Soccer For Life

Required for coaches working with players who are U13 and older. The emphasis of this course is on the technical and tactical development within the 11-a-side game environment.

What do you learn?

  • How to plan and deliver effective, enjoyable, age-appropriate practices and how to provide feedback to your players
  • How to be able to better understand the role of the coach and the developmental stage of the players you are working with
  • How to provide a safe practice/game environment for your players. 

How to Register

Pre-registration is required for all courses hosted by the Alberta Soccer Association website. Please click here for instructions

  • Please note, the course is comprised of both time in the classroom and on field
  • Participants should come prepared and ready to participate in physical activity.
  • There will be an hour allocated for lunch.

For information regarding course content or further information, please contact our Grassroots Head Coach, Alesha Weicker-Pasternak.


Not available during the course dates?

If these dates don't work in your schedule, there are courses available at other locations on different days to accommodate most schedules. If you find a course you'd like to take, SASA will reimburse registration fees upon completion of the course. All that is required is the course receipt along with your NCCP Certification number.