As the game progresses through time, so do the demands of the athletes involved. Our Sport Science Program has been developed to assist and guide St. Albert Impact players to achieve maximal potential in an ever-changing game of soccer.

While focusing on the fundamental movement patterns, we are able to introduce certain aspects of strength and conditioning to develop an "all-around" athlete.  Some of these aspects include the development of fundamental movements, speed, agility, aerobic endurance, repeated sprint ability, strength, and power.

Through our focus on the above characteristics, St. Albert Impact players will develop a competitive edge among the Edmonton & area soccer Community.

Elite Athletic

Cognitive Development Training

Lisa Rogerson works with a variety of athletes and coaches from Club level, Jr. National level, Varsity programs, National high performance programs, Olympic level, and Professional Sports.

We are very fortunate to have her services available for our athletes as they strive to not only master the technical and tactical demands of the game but also the psychological demands within a match.

She serves as a Sport Psychology consultant for individuals and teams striving for top performance. For more information regarding her specific services and to book a session, please contact Lisa via email,

Injury Prevention

Impact Strength & Conditioning

At the PDC, there are three separate focused strength and conditioning areas;

  1. 6 commercial treadmills
  2. Core area with TRX cables, yoga mats, medicine balls, etc.
  3. Power area with 2 smith machines, dumbbell racks, and benches.

As our Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brandon Salter, pushes our teams to the next level with his inventive training methods in our fitness training studio. Brandon Salter, previously of FC Edmonton, has come in and provided training to St. Albert athletes. We provide a more affordable strength and conditioning program for our athletes to participate in within their teammates in our own Impact facility.

The idea of the three areas is that each area could hold 6 players with them rotating to a new area after a set period or amount of exercises in each area.

Having Brandon here in the summer evenings will also provide the club with an onsite athletic therapist to provide recovery services to our athletes. He is qualified/certified as both a S&C Coach as well as an Athletic Therapist.

For more information please contact Troye via email,



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