Field Conditions Update

Riel Field Conditions (61 Riel Dr)
 - Conditions will be updated before 16:00, only when conditions warrant; Monday - Friday only. Weekend field conditions are called by the referees.

OPEN   June 13, 2024


A) CLOSED (No game)
B) OPEN (Teams MUST show up to the field, the referee will decide if the game will go ahead or not)

During the Outdoor season, teams registered with St. Albert Soccer will play on fields located and managed by the Cities of St. Albert, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, & Spruce Grove as well as those at 61 Riel Dr.   The following are the numbers and website locations for updates due to weather for all fields.

Riel Fields - 780 458 8978 Ext 1

All other fields

City of St. Albert Fields (
780 459 1568
Edmonton Fields
780 496 4999
Sherwood Park Fields
780 467 5800 Ext 3314
Spruce Grove Fields

Air Quality Updates


The following applies to SASA House League programs ONLY, which includes SACSL, SAWSL & SAMSL.

    • During the week the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) must be at 6 or lower by 16:00 in St. Albert for all games and training to proceed as scheduled. If at that time, the AQHI is at 7 or above, the SASA office will issue a notice of cancellation of the evening's events.
    • On the weekend - if three hours before the game or training the Air Quality Health Index is 7 or above in St. Albert,  your soccer event will be canceled  The SASA Office will not issue cancellation notices on weekends.

For teams playing in external leagues (EMSA, AYSL, EDSA)