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This program is designed to meet the needs of players with the desire to train and perform at the highest youth level possible.  The Player Performance Pathway that these athletes enter offers many aspects that will provide elements for them to meet their needs in achieving participation at the highest level.  Framework for the competition element of this program is suggested to include scouting events monitored by Canada Soccer as well as direct opportunities to be viewed by professional clubs and accredited post-secondary institutions.

All of the PDP Head Coaches will have a minimum of a CSA National B License or CSA National Youth License (or enrolled in course).

Full Year Programming

Our player development program (PDP) is moving to full-year programming.


Just like the classroom, both coaches and players need time to develop age appropriate skills. Unlike the classroom, we give young athletes 3 to 4 months before forcing them to 'tryout' again.

Not only are 'tryouts' detrimental to the social and mental development of children, they also occur without providing these athletes the appropriate time to learn. We don't accept this in schools, so why do we in soccer?