Volunteer FAQ

Why Volunteer?

Volunteer to ensure your child has the best possible experience by supporting the Coaching Team and the Club. We are a Volunteer-driven organization and volunteers keep your fees lower while still allowing a level of excellence in programs.


What happens if I cannot make my Volunteer shift?

You are responsible for finding a replacement No Shows will automatically be charged the Bond Fee


What happens if St Albert Soccer cancels my shift for any reason

If you are scheduled and St Albert Soccer cancels your shift you will be recorded as fulfilling your volunteer obligation. (we won’t stop you from volunteering again though)


I have more than one child registered for soccer do I need to do multiple volunteer shifts?

No, Only one shift is required per family.


How will I know what to do when I arrive for my Volunteer shift?

Check-in at the office or bar if at Riel or with your team manager if fulfilling a team role.  They will be able to give you specific duties


What is the time commitment for Volunteering?

This varies with the job.  For in-team commitments, they are convenient and season-long.

For Positions outside of your team, the commitment is approximately 4 hours depending on the job.


How old do you need to be to volunteer?

All volunteers must be 16 years of age.  Some positions require 18+ (Security, Ref Liaison)


How long do I have to fulfill my volunteer commitment?

You have until February 2025 for this first season of the volunteer requirement.


When will I be charged for the bond?

If you have indicated you do not want to volunteer and are forfeiting the bond amount, it will be charged at the end of June.  All those opting to volunteer will not be charged until Feb unless a no-show is charged immediately following the no-show date.


Can I volunteer more than once?

We are always needing extra hands to help out!


Can my child come with me to Volunteer?   

The volunteer position requires your full attention so in most cases we would prefer volunteers to only be responsible for the tasks provided.