SASA is dedicated to providing competitive training environments above and beyond what our Impact players receive with their current team coaches. Each team is assigned an Academy Coach who will be responsible for delivering 10 academy training sessions throughout the course of the season. Our Academy coaches provide creative and unique practice methods that allow for our players to learn to problem solve various game realistic scenarios.

2022 Outdoor Academy Coaches

Troye Flannery

National A License

Chris Spaidal

USSF National B License

CSA National B License

John Vinci

National A License (trained)

Alesha Weicker-Pasternak

CSA National Children's License 

CSA National B License 


Sergio Teixeira

CSA National B License

Cam Leverman

CSA National B License

Graham Wood

CSA National B License

Freddy Malek

National B License

Marcelo Lafuente

CSA National B License

Erika Vecchio

NCCA(NASM) - Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist

Chris Clarke

Provincial B License

John Pino

Provincial B Licence

Kollin Branicki

Provincial C License

Brittney Kindzierski

Provincial C License

Carlos Patino

Former CPL Player - Calgary Calvary (2019)

Former Seattle Sounders Player (U23)
CSA National B License (trained)

Impact 2021 Transparent


T8N 3Z3

(780) 458-8973