SAMSL - 2018 Outdoor Season

2018 Playoff Cup


Winter conditions for the SAMSL Playoff Cup Gold game (left) where Impact alumni (middle) took the victory over the DV Youngmen, backed by goalkeeper Josh Richardson (right, photo credit: Dayla Lahring/St. Albert Gazette)


And just like that... the season is over! Congratulations to Impact Alumni on clinching their first Playoff Cup after a thrilling game against the DV Youngmen, where the teams not only battled each other but the first snowstorm of 2018. Each team potted two goals in the second half, bringing the final game of the season to penalty kicks, where the Impact Alumni clinched the title on 4 goals to 2. Additionally, congratulations to Forest Park Rangers for finishing 3rd in the playoff cup rankings.


2018 Outdoor SAMSL Playoff Schedule: Version #2
2018 Outdoor SAMSL Standings: Playoff Round Robin
2018 Outdoor SAMSL Results: Playoff Finals
2018 Outdoor SAMSL Top 10 Goalscorers: Playoff Round Robin

Annual SAMSL All-Star Game - SAMSL All-Stars vs. St. Albert Impact (EDSA Men's 2A)

Rescheduled Date and Time: Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 -- 7:00 pm Kickoff on Riel 1

SAMSL Team Managers: Garrett Ferguson (Lads FC) and Phil Linehan (Forest Park Rangers)
SAMSL Coach: Dave MacEachran (Impact Alumni)

SAMSL All-Star Roster, Game Details and Food Specials

At this year's all-star game, the game went to penalty kicks for the second time in three years, with the EDSA Men's 2A Impact team defeating the SAMSL all-stars team. Full time ended as a 2-2 tie, with the Impact team winning penalty kicks 6-4 in a highly competitive game at the Riel Soccer Club on Thursday, August 2nd. Congratulations to the Impact on their victory and to the all-stars for fighting hard till the end. Additionally, the Men's League would like to pass on good luck to the Impact team in their final season games! See you next year!!


Photo credit: Dan Riedlhuber and Chris Colbourne/St. Albert Gazette

2018 Regular Season

Congratulations to Impact Alumni on finishing on the top of the regular season table for the 2018 Outdoor Season!

  • Regular Season Pennant Winner: Impact Alumni
  • Tier III Provincial Representatives (Edmonton): Impact Alumni and Forest Park Rangers
  • Golden Boot Winner: Terry Esposito with 14 goals in 15 games

2018 Outdoor SAMSL Schedule: Version #2
2018 Outdoor SAMSL Standings: Regular Season Final
2018 Outdoor SAMSL Results: Regular Season Final 
2018 Outdoor SAMSL Top 10 Goalscorers: Regular Season Final


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General League Documents

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