Technical Staff

Chris Spaidal - USSF National B, CSA National B, CSA National Youth License
Executive Director
780-458-8978   Ext. 127

Jeff Paulus - CSA National A, USSF National B, CSA National Youth License
Technical Director
780-458-8978 Ext. 123

Alesha Weicker-Pasternak - CSA National B License, CSA National Youth License, CSA National Children's License 

Currently on maternity leave until June 2024

Manager of Player Development & Pathways

Erika Vecchio - NCCA(NASM) - Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
Manager of Sports Science
780-460 8412

Alex Dickson - Provincial B License, CSA National Children's License, Master of Arts (coaching)
Foundation Phase Manager