These activities can be be performed in a basement, living room, garage, backyard, on a deck, on the sidewalk.

You don't need much space and all activities can be modified to work inside a 1 yard x 1 yard box.

Ball Mastery Program

When setting up for this activity, you will need a 5x5 yard area. If you are not able to find an area big enough, you can complete these activities within a 1x1 yard area.

Cuts & Turns

The full area required for this activity will be a space about 2 yards long with a hard surface (wall, stair, ladder) to bounce the ball off of.

1vs1 Moves

The key component for this juggling program is that you are able to control the movements of the ball versus the movement of the ball is controlling you.

Passing & Receiving

If you don't have the required equipment, here are some set up suggestions to consider:

  • Use painters tape on the floor to map out an area for you to run through. Set up 3-5 connected squares about the size of a binder.
  • If you don't have a big enough area to set up 5 squares, set up 1 square about the size of a binder 
  • Mark a line on the floor or use a floor crack that creates a line will work as well.

Pro Tip: To make these exercise more effective, pump your arms back and forth as fast as you can as if you were running. This will help with the muscle memory.